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Our Leader, Connie Atkinson

Connie Atkinson was born into a preacher’s home and has served in churches as music director for many years. She started in her late teens working with a teen choir and worked her way up to adult choirs. In 1987, Connie conceived her dream of starting a choir for senior adults while coming home from a trip to "Church on the Way" in Van Nuys, California, where her father, Dr. Vincent R. Bird was serving on staff with Jack Hayford as the "Pastor to the Pastors".


 Both Connie’s father and mother were involved as leaders of a senior adult Bible class. Her dad was the teacher and her mom would lead the singing and worship time. A senior adult choir was singing there under the direction of Naomi Beard, and Connie begin to get an idea – and burden - for the 800 senior adults in the church she was working for at that time. Back home, she presented the idea to the music director about the possibility of him starting a senior adult choir. He said, “When do you want to start?" It was a dream come true.


Connie’s love and enthusiasm for seniors has come from God. Her respect for seniors came from her parents as they influenced her life in how to love and appreciate the wisdom and gifts senior adults have to share. Connie does not believe you ever retire from serving God! The motto of our choir, “Walking in the spirit of our youth, while reacting in the wisdom of our years" was given to her when she began this new ministry. She dearly loves her choir, and it shows as she inspires and encourages them to keep working and serving our Lord. As one doctor said to her, "You are helping these people live 10 to 15 years longer by giving them a challenge to keep serving in this ministry."


Connie  does whatever it takes to keep this ministry going, and will until the Lord says STOP.  She has a testimony that will thrill your hearts. Connie loves to share this miracle and many more exciting testimonies as to what God has done and is still doing in her midst.

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