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Our Board of Directors

Connie L. Atkinson

CEO and Choir Director

Founder/Director- 35 years of ministry

"Working with this  Board of Directors has been a God given appointment, These folks know my heart at the same time holding me accountable for the leadership of this ministry.  Together, with  many other members, we work to prove that God is faithful to his people and we will continue to follow His leading"

Sherm Pridham


I am the president of the Young At Heart Gospel Choir. I love to sing and as a teen I joined a band named the Trademarques. I am a Navy veteran.  I returned from Viet Nam where I served on river patrol boats. I was saved after many people prayed for me.  Then in 1973 I went to bible college and married Joan Alls.  I began singing solos and was in the Temple Baptist Church Choir and my wife and I studied and became missionaries.

Years later my wife and I returned to NM and joined the YAH choir in 2004 after hearing the YAH choir for the first time. We knew a couple from the choir who  encouraged my wife, Joan and I to join the choir. We have gone on many trips with the choir where we go to sing in churches.  Our director encourages the people in these churches to keep serving the Lord in their old age and even start a choir if there is a need.

Linda Beth Stewart

Vice President

Joan Pridham


I am the secretary on the board of directors of Young at Heart choir I attended Temple Baptist Church in Albuquerque where my parents took us. I was saved when I was 13 years old and kept living for the Lord.   I had a music teacher at school who helped me understand that I could sing harmony naturally.  I joined a choir in 7th grade and kept singing in school choirs and in church choirs up to this date.

The first time Sherm and I attended our first Young At Heart Gospel Choir concert I told Sherm that I would love for us to join when we were retired. Sherm did not want to do that, but here we are in our 19th year of being in the choir. I thank the Lord for the wonderful times we have had in YAH.

Christine Foss


I have been a part of YAH from the beginning as I am the daughter of Connie Atkinson. I began working with my mom and YAH in the ministry after my father passed away in 2010. As I try to fill the big shoes my daddy left, it has been a wonderful blessing to work with this ministry and to make sure the dream my mother has for this ministry continues to touch lives. As the logistics asst. and treasurer, I have seen the many blessings the Lord has given not just in Choir, but the many lives changed through ministry through song.
As my mom says, “If we touch one life it’s worth it all!

I have many jobs as I work with mom on logistics for travel, programming concerts, on the Events committee and Building committee. I am also the treasurer on the Board of Directors.  This choir is not just a singing group, but they are a group of seniors making a difference in this world, by offering their talents and sharing Christ through song, prayer, and fellowship with life lasting friends.  If you have a need, this choir will lift you to the Lord as they have done for me and my family.  I thank God every day for YAH and letting me travel with this ministry of bringing God and Joy into lives of people.

Willie Johns


I separated from the USMC in July of 1973. I came to Albuquerque in August of '73 to visit my dad and grandmother and decided that I was going to live here because I liked Albuquerque! I worked in several places around Albuquerque including the Four Seasons Motor Inn which is where I met my wife Cindy Christopher. We were married in 1978, which in the same year that I started working at Sandia National Labs.  In November of 2011, Connie Atkinson asked Cindy to be the photographer for the choir. Cindy asked me if I wanted to join the choir, I told her I would go over and listen - 3 weeks later I was a Choir Member!

I am on the Board of Directors, the Culinary Team, the Events Committee, the Building Committee and Head of the Security Team. I sing Bass.