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Ministry to Christians

There are nineteen different bible believing denominations represented in this group of over 50 members.

YAH Choir’s audiences range in size of several thousand people to smaller audiences of twenty five to fifty people. There is no fee charged for the performances, but often gifts are given by the audience as they partner with YAH Choir to encourage the ministry.

Young At Heart (YAH) Christian ministry promotes senior adults’ companionship, spiritual fellowship and accountability, voice instruction and performance fun, and the pleasure of engaging and delighting our audiences while songs and skits enliven the gospel message.

Ministry to Seniors

Ministry Outreach

Connie Atkinson, the founder and director of YAH, says of the partnership, “We walk in the spirit of our youth, while reacting in the wisdom of our age.”

Seniors are encouraged and emotionally supported through the YAH Choir Ministries. For those who are suffering from depression, inactivity, discouragement, poor health, and loneliness, we minister to their needs. We become their family, their friends and their supportive community.
Most of the seniors in the YAH organization are on a fixed income and their ages range from 50 to 93 years. The artists of this group (choir members and musicians) memorize and perform gospel hymns and Christian music beloved by the ol' timers, and most often get the younger generations clapping their hands too!

                 This ministry has a powerful outreach impact. The group performs an average of three concerts a month and travels nationally twice a year at its own expense, giving concerts in retirement homes, hospitals, jails and churches large and small.
                 Young at Heart has blessed audiences in New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Kansas, California, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Wyoming, Nevada, Arkansas and wherever they are invited.